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"I just realized who those two are!"

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Imagine your icon singing you to sleep while playing with your hair

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fifty favorite fictional characters 
↳ 1. James Wilson (House MD)

I lied. I’ve been lying to you in increasing amounts ever since I told you you looked good unshaved, a year ago. It’s a little experiment, you know, to see where you draw the line.

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Disney characters + bow ties (x)

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Set of five The Holy Bible postcards given away in Japan.

I would really love a set!

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March 2014: Martin Brodeur


March 2014: Martin Brodeur

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“The world is indeed full of p e r i l and in it there are many d a r k places.”

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Why did this school year have to be so damn expensive? Goodbye savings.

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when ur walking by people and they laugh


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